Sabre Ultralight Setup from Trailer
13 April 2003

Page 3 - Wing to Trike

Roll the trike under the wing.

This is perhaps the most difficult step - lifting (not too heavy) the trike bar up to the wing - and getting the holes aligned so that the pivot / hang bolt slips in.

Pivot / Hang bolt inserted and safety clipped.  I epoxied an extra (right side) wing nut onto the head of the bold.  This makes disassembly easier as I then have something to pull on to help pull the bolt out.

With the wing and trike bolted together the wing is then lifted up.  As the wing lifts up the trike expands out to this position.  The white bars on each side of the seat are bolted straight.  The front down tube is then put into place.  A final safety bolt is also added to the trike carriage near where it pivots.