Sabre Ultralight Setup from Trailer
13 April 2003

Page 2 - Wing

Remove the outer trailer cover

Assemble the "A" frame and start to spread each side out.

From the font - showing the triangular "A" frame

Insert the kingpost (the silver bar on the top of the wing).
The wires attached to the kingpost hold the wing up when it is not flying

Insert wing battens - aluminum or fiberglass rods that are slid into pockets sewn into the wing.  These help give the wing its needed form.

Tension the wing

Attach wooden block supports.  These are needed with the 'bent' control bar.  Without the wooden blocks the bent portion of the control bar supports much of the wing's weight.  While it may not look 'bad' from this angle the torque exerted on the bar concerned me - so I made the blocks.  The blocks also keep the rubber hand hold from getting scraped up if setting up on an asphalt surface

Wing assembled and tipped forward ready to have the trike attached.

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